Always Chase the Next Rank

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One of the best pieces of advice I had in my business career was “to know your plan and work your plan”. So as you begin your Kyani Business it is very important to keep looking at your next rank in the compensation plan. Keep chasing it so that you move forward!

You want to aim for Jade right out of the gate and ideally want to hit it within 30 days – that way you can receive the fast start bonuses!

How do you hit Jade – well, there are many scenarios but the one we like to teach is as follows:

Picture1Find three people who have the same vision as your self and help them find their three. If you do that you will make Jade.

You will often hear me ask: If there was a truck full of oysters and you absolutely knew there were three oysters with pearls worth $100,000 inside – what would you do after you opened the first oyster and there wasn’t any pearl? Would you stop or would you open the next oyster?

It is the same with our business – you are looking for those 3 to 5 people to work with as a team. You may need to open more than three oysters, or talk to more than three people, to find that team but I assure you the pearls are there!

Ashley SMith Kyani Compensatio Chart

Kyani Compensation Chart

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