Seeing Double

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If you’re seeing DOUBLE, there is nothing wrong with your eyes! Right now, you can DOUBLE the down payment on your Kyäni Dream Car!

Simply qualify as a new Sapphire in May, June, or July. Then hold Sapphire for at least one month between May and August and Kyäni will DOUBLE your down payment! We’ll even recognize you on-stage at the Kyäni North America Regional Convention in Las Vegas.

More, you say? Kyäni will TRIPLE your down payment if you meet the above qualifications AND bring your new Kyäni Dream Car to Las Vegas for the 2014 North America Regional Convention. You’ll experience an exclusive Kyäni Road Rally and be recognized on-stage for your achievement.

You can do this. Get to Sapphire now and start seeing DOUBLE, … or TRIPLE!

See BackOffice for official rules and qualifications for the Kyäni Dream Car program.

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