Shipping Options for Oahu

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There are three options for receiving your orders for the island of Oahu. These options are available to you at checkout within the shopping cart. Once you have chosen your products or sales aids in the shopping cart you will be directed to the payment page. It is here you can choose your shipping options.

You can choose one of the following:

  1. Will Call
  2. Delivery Hawaii
  3. United States Postal Service

Will Call Allows the distributor to pick their order up themselves down near the airport at the Delivery Hawaii warehouse. This is the fastest way to receive an order BUT there are some very important caveats.

  • The order is available for pickup the next business day.
  • The order can only be picked up between the hours of 10 – 4 Monday through Friday. The warehouse is not open for pickup on the weekends.
  • The order must be picked up within 72 hours otherwise the order will be refunded.
  • The order can only be picked up by the person who the order is made for. (i.e. the Ship to Customer…)

It is the 72 hours and the hours between 10 – 4 that can be a problem for some distributors. If these times don’t work then choose either the Delivery Hawaii or the United States Postal Service. Delivery Hawaii is a courier service that will deliver the products to you at your residence or place of business. The postal service will just drop it off. I personally use the Postal Service as I don’t need to be around to take delivery and they drop it into a locker at my building so that it isn’t sitting in the sun but stays cool. It is after all food based.

The address for Will Call & Delivery Hawaii is 3060 Ualena Street down by the airport. It’s across the street from the building with the whale mural. The driveway is next to the Eco Cab place. Drive all the way in the back. This is where you can pick up your products.

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